Muncie Voice: American Teens Declare “Normal’s Not Enough”

Originally posted on 3/11/12 at

By Todd Smekens

According to the buses in the parking lots at Ball State, the teens came from all over Indiana to attend this two-day event.

According to the Communications Specialist, Cindy Mallette,

Now through May, more than 100,000 teens will spend their weekend doing something far from normal. Instead of spending a Friday night at the high school basketball game, these youth will be joined together in prayer for their generation. Instead of spending Saturday night party-hopping, they will have their hands raised in the air, voices joined in praise. Instead of getting drunk, or wasted, or doing something they might regret in the morning, these teens will spend one weekend learning about God’s unconditional love and His purpose for their lives.

What we found fascinating was the event was staffed by teens. In fact, the almost the entire program was produced, managed, and performed by teens and high school graduates from all across the United States.

Here is a short clip from one of the youth pastors:



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