How Great Is Our God: A Mission Myanmar Update

IMG_27054939031982What a stunning, awe-filled moment to hear the sound of thousands of voices singing in worship to our God. Even more amazing to experience it in the pouring rain, under a massive tent, right in the middle of the capital city of a country where it’s only become legal to worship God with this kind of freedom in the last several years. The sounds of around 13,000 people worshiping in both Burmese and English, dancers from every tribe in Myanmar moving in praise at the beginning of each evening…it felt a lot like heaven.

FullSizeRender (1)We had no way of knowing what would happen the Friday night of July 24th.  The invitations to Cue Seto Milien (Acquire the Fire in Burmese) went up all over the city of Yangon (as seen in the background on the left). Because of your support, Teen Mania was able to resource our Burmese ministry partners, MECA and MCYF to send a team to travel all over Myanmar, over the course of 6 months, to appeal to pastors, youth workers, and leaders to send them to the event that could be a part of changing history. Because this is the first time anything like this has happened in about 60 years, there was no clear projection of exactly how many would come. We were completely dependent on God.

By His grace, the tent was packed full, as well as the bleachers behind it.  Many people traveled hours and hours, by car or bus or train. Some groups rode the train for 3 days, coming from the northern region.

During the bilingual worship, you could sense the desperation for God that transcended language. By the altar call, inviting people to follow Jesus Christ with their whole lives for the first time, thousands got out of their seats and moved through the mud-soaked ground to lay their hearts before God. About 3000 people over the course of Friday and Saturday committed their lives to Christ.

We thank you, deeply, from the bottom of our hearts for sharing in the work of the Kingdom of Heaven that took place just last weekend. As you might sense in this video, as thousands of new believers sang “How Great Is Our God,” I think the heavens couldn’t help but join in the chorus.

Consumed by the Call,

Ron Luce

Press Release – Myanmar Youth Gather

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Teen Mania International’s History-Making Outreach to Myanmar
More than 13,000 Myanmar Youth Gather for First International Acquire The Fire Event

(DALLAS) July 28, 2015 — Teen Mania International made history July 16-27, 2015, with its nationwide evangelistic outreach to the people of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The initiative, known as Mission Myanmar, also featured the ministry’s first international Acquire the Fire event that saw an astounding attendance of around 13,000 each night.

Mission Myanmar began July 16 when 50 young missionaries from the U.S., and additional teams from China, South Korea, and Taiwan converged on the city of Yangon. Following two days of intense training, the young people provided support for a variety of partner-led initiatives designed to aid and impact some of the most underserved people groups in the region.

Teen Mania was invited to share the gospel by Myanmar Evangelical Christian Association, and was soon joined by CBN’s Operation Blessing International, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Mercy for the Children, and Within Reach Global.

In addition to performing children’s ministry at several orphanages, teams assisted ministry partners with medical missions, and joined area churches in visiting destitute communities to extend invitations to the upcoming two-day youth rally.

The Acquire the Fire rally represented landmarks for both Teen Mania and the nation of Myanmar. “Beyond being the first international Acquire the Fire in the history of the ministry, this was the first event—of any kind—for the youth of Myanmar,” explained Ron Luce, ministry founder and president. “It’s such a tremendous privilege to point thousands of precious young people to the One True Living God, and to inspire them to take their tribes and nation for Him.”

Friday, July 24, Myanmar’s young people began streaming into Yangon by bus and train from every region of the nation to attend the much-anticipated Acquire the Fire youth rally. The event introduced attendees to Christian leaders from throughout the area. The crowd was delighted with the participation of Phyu-Phyu, one of Myanmar’s best-known and beloved music artists, and were blessed by anointed praise and worship led by U.S.-based Austin Adamec and his band.

The rally was held at Yangon’s outdoor Insein Football (soccer) Stadium, and not even the rainy season could dampen the spirits of thousands of attendees. Teen Mania friends and donors helped keep the crowd comfortable by renting enormous tents that provided cover for 10,000 seats on the field. Another 1,200-1,500 attendees were seated in covered stadium bleachers that surrounded the field.

More than 13,000 people in all had registered to attend both Friday and Saturday nights of Acquire the Fire, and countless others were welcomed to walk in without having registered. Seven hundred people from area churches served as volunteers who assisted with both practical and ministry aspects of the event. One group of ladies prayed on location for 24 hours prior to the event. When the time for the first altar call finally came on Friday night, no less than 3,000 came streaming through the aisles to profess their new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on the historic nature of Mission Myanmar, Luce said, “It’s been 60 years since the gospel was publicly proclaimed to this predominantly Buddhist nation. We pray this will be the start of a new day of ministry in Myanmar. The prayers of Myanmar’s faithful are being answered. God has not forgotten them, and neither have we.”

While this was the first international Acquire the Fire, it won’t be the last, Luce said. “There are 1.8 billion young people in the world, and many of them have become so saturated in Western media and entertainment that they are more like American culture than their own. As a result, pastors everywhere are calling and pleading with us to help them reach their young people for Jesus Christ.”

The success of Mission Myanmar offers a promising indication of Teen Mania International’s unique ability to respond to the global needs of young people. Similar dynamic international partnerships are being considered currently in the northern part of Myanmar, as well as in South Africa.

Please check for new photos, stories, and videos about Mission Myanmar.

About Teen Mania International
Teen Mania International and its partners are engaged in a mission to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth. Since its founding in 1986, Teen Mania’s Acquire the Fire has reached more than 3 million teens; Global Expeditions (GE), the worldwide leader in teen missions, has taken 76,876 teen missionaries to 67 countries, and won 1,318,647 souls for Jesus Christ. Visit,, for more information.

For more information, contact:
Kerry Park
Mobile: 405.568.7482

Breaking Thresholds: Onsite from Yangon, Myanmar

We are right in the middle of a historical moment.

Quiet Time

Mission Myanmar is underway! Right now in Yangon the Global Expeditions teams are settling in. They will be spending several days, leading up to the first-ever Acquire the Fire in Asia, in ministry throughout the city of Yangon.


Next weekend at this time, July 24th and 25th, by the grace of God, young people from all over Myanmar will be converging on the grounds of a football field under a massive tent to worship the Living God—the first gathering like this in the history of the country! We are utterly dependent on God for everything to lock into place to make this possible. Please pray for God to move radically for these kids this weekend!

Teens in Myanmar

We still have several more steps to go through to receive governmental approval. Messages and materials for the content are still being translated. We are procuring screens and equipment. Please pray that God’s hand will be on all these preparations, that he would be stirring the hearts of the teenagers who will be coming (many who have never before heard the life-giving message of Jesus), and that the missions teams would be drenched in God’s presence as they train, minister, and set up for the conference.

Consumed by the Call,


P.S. If you’d like to see a glimpse of ground zero, check out this video I posted several weeks back!

Live the Paradox: The life of God in you in the midst of a broken world

God, why? Where are you? How could you let this happen?

Do these questions sound familiar? It the midst of great struggle and pain, RON-LUCEparticularly, three years ago, when we almost lost my eldest daughter in a devastating plane crash. When we learned that the four young men who were traveling with her on a ministry trip had lost their lives, it felt like there was absolutely no way to process the pain and grief.  Our world would never be the same. These questions were on my tongue. There were times when I wasn’t just sad, but I was mad at God. I would pray, “God, I don’t think you caused it, but how could you even allow this?”

I think sometimes instead of getting mad at God we are “polite” with him.  Then we give God the silent treatment and walls begin to develop between us. You know, I don’t think God is intimidated when we express our emotions to him. It’s better to let it out and allow him to help us work through it. I did a lot of that—crying, and yelling, and praying, and just letting God hear my heart through all of it.

How do we keep moving forward when tragedy strikes, and frankly, disagrees with my theology! I’ve thought, Lord, you need to get your theology right around here because it doesn’t really line up with what the Bible says! There are things we don’t understand. First Corinthians says “we see through a glass dimly,” we don’t see the full picture. We don’t always get the explanation. But that doesn’t mean we stop following. When we look at people like Paul, he was in jail, whipped, stoned, left for dead, ship wrecked.

Resilient Man in RacePaul wrote in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, “We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” He is living this paradox: outwardly, it looks like I’m destroyed. I’m being emaciated and obliterated. But I am renewed day by day; I’ve got this fountain of life on the inside. He lives this paradox out in front of everyone and I think it’s a picture of resilience. It’s possible for us to have things outwardly appearing to be totally caving in on us, but inwardly we have the life of God breathing in us—it more than compensates for the outward circumstance.

My prayer for all of us is that, in faith, we would walk in this sort of resilience: God breathing life in us as we trust in him. No matter what things look like on the outside. No matter what.


A few weeks back I had the privilege of talking with Susie Larson on the Live the Promise radio program. We had an awesome discussion about navigating struggle and pain, what to do when we don’t understand God, and a lot of stories about how these questions have played out in my life. If you’d like to listen to the full talk, find it here at

“What Is the Gospel?” from Empowered21, Jerusalem

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Empowered21 conference in Jerusalem with my son, Cameron. Last week at this time I was preaching at the Jordan River. Here is a piece of what I shared:

In the USA, we have 7000 churches closing a year, 3,500 people walking away from their faith a day. It’s as though a massive storm has hit the body of Christ and people are caught in a landslide, falling from a hill; their faith is being washed out.

So let’s talk for a moment about what the Gospel is, and how we can make sure we are communicating it correctly. How do we make sure that, even if everything else gets washed away, our faith remains strong, with our roots so far deep into the bedrock that we still find water and grow? No matter the persecution, no matter the challenges.

What does someone need to do to have a life-altering encounter with the living Son of God? How does this happen?

We must first ask, “What is the premise of our faith?” There is a responsibility on the shoulders of those of us who communicate the Gospel to present the right premise.

We often hear, “Just pray this prayer, just say these words. Repeat after me.” Sometimes it sounds like an auction, like they’re trying to sell something really cheap. Sometimes the Gospel is presented as shameful thing, like “I don’t want to embarrass anyone, close your eyes, no one look around. Hurry lift your hands, no one is watching!” Some people had to be begged to come to Christ, “Please, please, please come!” The problem with that is if they had to be begged to get saved, they will have to be begged to read their Bible, begged to come to church, begged to give, begged to give holy. Everything else that follows will follow the premise upon which they came. A shallow premise will equal a shallow faith.

Sometimes we short-sell the Gospel by preaching the “All you have to do is say these words” gospel. But really, all you have to do is do a complete 1/80 and give your entire life to God; that’s all you have to do!

Often we want so badly for people to come forward or lift their hands that we present the Gospel with the wrong premise. Then, the moment a challenge comes, they abandon their faith because we have given them a shallow premise for faith.

Let’s ask ourselves, are we offering a passive or passionate premise for the Gospel?

If you would like to hear the full message, check it out here:

See a few glimpses of the conference below!
The PlanetShakers did an incredible job leading worship!

Wailing Wall

Praying at the Wailing Wall. My son, Cameron took this photo.

Below, getting some time of fellowship and encouragement with Matt and Laurie Crouch and Tom Newman!


Mission Myanmar A Reality

Dear Friends:

For the past few months we’ve been asking for your prayers and support for our historic outreach to Myanmar (Burma), and rightly so. Myanmar is a nation that has been closed to the West and to Christianity for 60 years!

Thank YouWell,  I’m thrilled to inform you that we have met our financial goal, and thanks to the prayers and support of people like you, we will hold our first international Acquire The Fire youth conference July 24-25!  God is so good!

There is still much to do, of course, but training and preparation are well underway.  Let me give you a quick update of what has taken place so far!


On Location Training

On Location Training

We had a tremendous time of pastoral and church leadership training in early April. In this photo, I’m surrounded by  several members of the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Association.




Pastoral TrainingPastoral Training Here in the States

A few weeks later in April, we brought four Myanmar pastors to Texas to receive advanced ministry leadership training. They learned about growing strong Christian marriages and families—teaching that has not been available in Myanmar. Now these pastors will take their new knowledge home to teach others!




Teen Mania International Project Directors to MyanmarSidney and Crystal Bruton

We’ve dispatched a couple of seasoned Global Expeditions missionaries, Sidney and Crystal Bruton to serve as project directors in Myanmar, now through the completion of this epic outreach.  Please keep them in your prayers; they are pivotal to this mission!




Mission Myanmar PartnersMission Myanmar Partners

We are so blessed to have the partnership of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, The Christian Broadcast Network, and Operation Blessing, to name a few.   We are also delighted to have Teen Mania Alum David Joannes and Within Reach Global joining us.  David is engaged in reaching the unreached people groups in the 1040 Window, with a focus on evangelism, discipleship and church planting. They have traveled to communities of forgotten villages sharing the gospel for the very first time with thousands of individuals and ethnic tribes.


Mission Myanmar Video

Click to Watch!

There’s Still Time to Join Us for Mission Myanmar


Teen Mania Alumni! 

Mission Myanmar Needs YOU July 16-30!  We need your help, your leadership, and your missionary experience on the field during this nation-transforming missionary outreach. Please pray and ask God for direction and join us if you can!  Click Here to get registration information for Mission Myanmar!


Church Youth Groups and Individuals—
Go with Global Expeditions to Myanmar

Parents, pastors and youth leaders—encourage your teens to join us for Mission Myanmar! This mission offers an extraordinary opportunity to see a nation open to the gospel after 60 years of isolation. Youth will minister under the guidance of experienced Global Expeditions team leaders and alumni, and alongside Myanmar church leaders. Click here to learn more or to register for Mission Myanmar.


Pray for Mission Myanmar

Thank you again for standing with us and praying for this historic outreach to the dear people of Myanmar. Pray for our partners; pray for Teen Mania alumni and for the young missionaries who are in the process of raising funds to go with us; pray for the Church in Myanmar as they prepare for the first time for evangelistic outreach to their country.  Prayer Partners can find a list of ongoing Prayer Requests HERE.  Thank you in advance for praying!


God bless you for standing in the gap for the millions of souls waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ in Myanmar! Keep praying as we prepare for this historic outreach to make Him known.


Consumed by the Call,

Ron Luce

Alumni Meet Up

Pic Header RL with Alumni 1

What a blessing it’s been to reconnect and catch up with Teen Mania Honor Academy alumni as we’ve crisscrossed the nation during the 2015 Acquire the Fire: RESILIENT tour!

Thank you to each of you who’ve taken the time to turn out and to say, “Hello!” You are such a blessing!

Alumni, you have been the heartbeat of this ministry for all these decades. It makes me so proud to know you’re out there changing the world for Jesus Christ. It  blesses me to hear about the families you’ve started, the businesses you’ve launched, and your work for God’s kingdom in churches and ministries. Thank you for sharing your stories with Katie and me, for encouraging us, and for loving us.

We love you guys and love your hearts! Keep up the amazing work you are doing for the Lord!

Here are a few pictures from our recent meet-ups in Austin and Tulsa! Check out this link to see when we’re coming to the Acquire the Fire nearest you and be sure to take some time to stop by and see us.

We look forward to catching up on what’s happening in your life and to seeing how we can be praying for you. We hope to see you, or to hear from you, soon!

If you haven’t updated your information lately, please take just a few minutes to let us know where you are and how you’re doing! Reconnect here!

God bless you!


RL with Alumni 3

Pic Footer RL with Alumni 2

What is the Gospel and How to We Live It – Part 2

To our project directors we asked this question: This gospel that needs to be preached, what is the Gospel? What is the message that we are supposed to preach to the world? What exactly is the good news?

There are a lot of different ways we can express what the Gospel is. In fact, if we all went around, we’d likely each have a different way of saying it.

I want to present to you a picture, another way of thinking about this.

Think about yourself as a human in these concentric circles:

You’ve got a body, mind that is supposed to control your body (it doesn’t always—how many every did something out of habit without thinking about it?), and your will that controls both your mind and your body. You choose what you will your body and mind to do. Your soul is the real you, hopefully, working in harmony with all three of these parts together—this creates an integrated life, based on integrity. The problem, the brokenness of humanity, comes when we know our will and our soul gets vexed and crushed, living in constant anger and self-loathing—I hurt that person, I made that compromise, I can’t believe I did that . Whether it’s that you left your wife, or abandoned your children, or lied or stole; it gets heavier and heavier, this brokenness of the soul that is inevitable. It is impossible to live an integrated life, harmony with our soul without first living in harmony with Him.

Another word for soul in scripture is the heart—Scripture talks about how he comes to mend the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3).

When we talk about the salvation of our soul usually we think, “Oh that means going to heaven.” But that is your spirit that lives on for eternity. Your soul is that part of you that God gives that very easily represents whether you’re a wholesome person or not. If you see someone who is vexed and broken, they are a broken soul. They may not even realize all that is going on.

When we are thinking about what the Gospel is and how do we preach it, one of the things we talk about with our Project Directors is this. The best way of learning anything is to discover it rather than being told, as a child experiences the wonder nature for the first time. Often when we think of the Gospel we imagine a lot of shouting and finger pointing from a pulpit, or maybe even telling someone in a kind way the Truth of the Gospel.

When we allow people to discover the Gospel, there is this awesome, God-breathed wonder that we can’t manufacture ourselves.

We often hear the telling: 1. You’re a sinner 2. You need to repent 3. You’ll be forgiven and go to heaven. But we know that sin isn’t just something we do it’s who we are, in Psalm 51 it says we were born into iniquity, like a disease. This thing on the inside. As a result, the symptoms are that we do bad things that destroy ourselves. The evidence is all around us. We don’t get mad at a dog because it barks; it barks because it’s a dog. Sinners sin because they’re sinners. Many times, the Gospel is preached in an angry way, “You’re a sinnerrrrrr!” When the person is thinking, “It came naturally; I didn’t even have to try!” We were born with this thing.

How clueless of us would it be to say to a dog, “Hey! You’re barking!” The dog knows it’s barking! Why would we yell the same thing to a sinner? It’s obvious; everyone knows this brokenness and felt this disease that overtakes our lives and turns us into humans we don’t want to be, hurting others and ourselves. However masked by, drugs, alcohol, intellectualism, the right words, sex…you name it, we have all felt the brokenness of the soul.

So if we help people discover their own brokenness. Evangelism is like taking a glass of water with a crack in it and asking someone to find the crack. It’s not a big mystery. You don’t have to tell them where it is, you help them unearth the brokenness it all over again.

These is what we’re doing as followers of Christ, as we love Jesus and follow him with all our hearts, we work toward this life of integrity. What I say, what I do, what I think—I want it all to harmonize. And as we reach out to other people, our job is to help them understand the brokenness in each of our souls. Salvation is not just about going to heaven, it’s about God healing us now, bringing wholeness, new life, and freedom to our brokenness when we know Jesus.

It seems that the “quick, pray the prayer so you can go to heaven” mentality has developed in America over that past 100 years sometime. But then we would still live in hell on earth because we haven’t received any wholeness here—no integration of the soul with the mind, body, and will.  When we begin to walk with Christ right now, he begins to make us whole right now.

So as we think about what we’re here to do—to raise up an army of people who will go and change the world. Jesus said,

Matthew 5:14-16The Message (MSG)

14-16 “Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.”

This has to do with the right now, who you are today. Sharing the Gospel is not simply, here’s a track, let me tell you about God and you’ll go to heaven. God is saying I put something on the inside of you that is so illuminating you can’t keep it a secret. He doesn’t ask us to force information on anyone, he tells us to light up the place! This about all the ways you can light up the place, by seeing people, loving people, live a life that people want to be influenced by. Why are you so kind? Why are you so patient when you should be out of your mind right now?

We shouldn’t compartmentalize the Gospel. We’ve got to live within it. It’s who we are; we are lit up with the love of Christ. What if our lives made people ask what is that? That light provokes an insatiable curiosity—this is illogical, unnatural behavior for humans. Then you can tell them why.

That is my challenge for us that we live in such a way that makes people what to know Jesus. Ultimately, our job is to be this person specifically in places where they’ve never even had one chance to see the light, as we preach the Gospel to all nations.  We will go ourselves and we will raise up an army to go.

What is the Gospel and How Do We Live It – Part 1

Matthew 24:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

When I first got turned on to Jesus I heard a lot of different ways people would say, “Hey, Jesus is going to come back at any minute.” There was a book that came out in 1988, 88 Reasons Why Jesus Is Coming Back in 1988. I guess it’s out of print now…

People say that he could be coming back any day; it could happen at any minute. But Jesus was very clear that the end is not going to come until the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached throughout the whole world.

We live in a world chock-full of terrors, ISIS and Ebola, war, and natural disasters. In an atmosphere where there is tension in the world, bombs going off, and people being kidnapped- all of these things going on, the Gospel still needs to get out. The passage earlier in the chapter (Matthew 24:6) is clear that, “There will be wars and rumors of wars…but the end is still to come.” Just because we are faced with intimidating circumstances that make us logically think, oh we couldn’t dare to bring the Gospel into a world like this, we must! Because the end will not come until we do. Every person has not yet been reached.

The word “nations” in this passage often makes us think of countries, but it actually comes from the Greek, ethnos, meaning ethnic groups. In the theology of today, we call them “people groups,” groups of people with their own language and their own culture. They are all going to get the chance to hear the gospel of the Kingdom in a way that makes sense to them before the end comes.

The fact is, there are still over a thousand people groups, millions and millions of people, who have never heard the gospel. Some live in the middle of nowhere. So this Great Commission that we talk so much about has still not been completed. Everyone has still not yet had a chance.

So this is what we labor for. This was the last commandment, the Great Commission for all believers. This is why we push, why we pray. I honestly believe this is why the Lord has given us favor for all these years with Acquire the Fire.  It’s truly a miracle that a youth conference has been sustained for over 20 years. I believe it is because we always emphasize the Great Commission. We’ve presented missions in all different kinds of ways; we talk about it all weekend long.

All the work and all the sweat is for this. Our job as a ministry is to build an army of young people to go change the world. Our mission statement is:

To provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!

That’s building an army! We don’t want to just have a Christian raw-raw session and a Holy Ghost goose bump, high five each other and go home. We want people’s lives to be changed in a way that they want to then go and change the world. All the while, we are still thinking about all these ethnos, all these groups of people who have never gotten the chance to ever hear.

What If Judas Had a Blog?

We have all felt that sensation. You are scrolling through social media and it seems as if a few people’s steady stream of negative comments shout louder than if you could hear all the new babies picture that flood your feed scream simultaneously in one voice! Those comments that mock, criticize, and slander others, most often people whom the author has never met.

Explore with me for a moment what it would have been like if Judas Iscariot had a blog…

Maybe he would have talked about how Jesus was so cruel because he cast out the money changers, or how he made us walk all the time and he made us work even though we were hungry, we had to pass out food to other people then pick up the crumbs afterwards. Jesus is so rude, so selfish. We are carrying all this money around, but look at all the poor people around us. Why doesn’t he give it away, or at least buy us some decent food?

 One day we had to row back across the lake, and then we had to walk another 10 miles. Day after day, we walk.  What does Jesus think we are, a bunch of camels?

You get the idea. These would have been reasonable accusations that people around Jesus could have made, if perhaps, they didn’t know his heart in each situation or trust it. This is how the events would have been interpreted through Judas’ lenses because he had a poisoned heart, therefore he believed the worst.

It’s a good thing that Judas didn’t have a blog because then the people who hadn’t really met Jesus would have only seen him through his jaded eyes.

When we read anything online, consider the credibility of the writer of a blog/post etc.  Are they seemingly always trying to demean or build up? Do they spend their time trying to make lives better or the opposite? Are they experts? Is their dialog constantly negative?  Why should their opinion influence your thoughts? How do you know they are not simply a Judas of some sort dressed up in a beautiful web site?  If I do not know their credibility why would I use my time to read their posts?  It has the potential to put unjust doubt in my mind as I think about the person to whom they are referring.

We all like news, information and hearsay especially about leaders. We know if someone were to say “hey I want to gossip to you about this person…” Most of us would not give that person the time of day.  But then we find ourselves from time to time spending our precious time soaking up hearsay on the internet. Why would we read the random post of a would-be Judas?

As we write or repost what we read, let’s exercise some discernment and caution before we are tempted to pass on what we “know” in a conversation about another person (whether true or not). Would this edify? Do our ego’s want kudos for being the first to share some news about another? We must continually weigh what we say or write if we are to be ones whose words are valued as credible.

Let us be careful lest we become the pen in the hand of Judas.

Consumed by the call,


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