World Net Daily: Direct link between what kids watch, do

Parents are being warned, again, to beware of what their children see, because adolescent behavior follows what they view on the silver screen, i.e., the more sex they see the more they’ll act out.

The word comes in a report from the Association of Psychological Science, which cites a Dartmouth study on the behavior of children.

Officials with the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom noted the researchers cataloged each second of sexual content for popular films, and concluded that for every hour of exposure to sexual content on-screen, participants were more than five times more likely to lose their virginity within six years.

Teen Mania Ministries previously has cited the potential problems with the “trend of casual no-strings sex,” citing “Friends with Benefits,” the Institute reported.

“Teen Mania Ministries … said the the media do not care ‘about any morals or values that they are projecting and who is watching,’” the Institute said.

Read the entire article at World Net Daily.

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